Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Slash of Color and a DO Experiment

Finally some color in the garden! Not a lot and I see there is a lot of grass growing and a lot of clean up to do. At least the weather's been nice! It's been like summer the past few days. I hope it continues.
I thought I'd try an experiment in the DO. I had a bag of Buffalo chicken tenders in the freezer and wondered about cooking them in the Dutch oven. Maybe I should stick to following other people's recipes. Well, we ate and learned, so I guess it wasn't totally unsuccessful. So I don't have a recipe but here is what I did. I put the Buffalo chicken tenders around the edge of the pot. Then I filled the center with layers of potato, season w/garlic pepper, onions, celery, and blue cheese dressing. I had debated between the Blue Cheese flavor (since Buffalo wings are traditionally served with celery and blue cheese) and Ranch (I know the Dorito's Buffalo Ranch flavor is awesome). Anyway, we went with the Blue Cheese. Now for the problems with this or what I think the problems may have been. First of all it was quite windy. I think this may have contributed to the coals burning down quickly. It seemed that I had a lot of ash and I had thought we had started enough coals but the heat seamed to fizzle out long before the potatoes were done. So we started some more coals and emptied the old and started over fresh, well it did not take long to finish up the cooking but I think, being impatient, I put too many coals on the bottom causing it to burn. Second of all, I think there was not enough liquid to cook the potatoes properly. It was just the dressing and whatever came out of the food during cooking. We did eat it, and except being a little overdone on the bottom and some of the potato edges were a little tough, it tasted pretty good. So it did not go to waste and I think we learned a few things so I will say that it was not unsuccessful. Next time I would add some more liquid (maybe chicken broth?) and I would not have the dressing on top -It got too dried out. Maybe mixed with some more liquid it wouldn't. Maybe I shouldn't use the dressing at all. Maybe I should just layer some crumbly blue cheese in with the chicken broth. Maybe I should just find a recipe and stop trying crazy things. Maybe I should try the Ranch. Anyway you look at it, it was good because we moved into the back yard instead of cooking in the driveway in front of the garage doors. So LIFE IS GOOD!!!

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annikab said...

Trying new things that YOU think up is the funnest part of cooking. Everything you can do inside on the stove you can do outside in the DO. I have made up lots of recipes some work some need work and some are great! Keep it up and have fun.